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Tutorial Nokia 3310 with AT89S52




This tutorial is meant for all enthusiasts who want to turn their appliances on/off with the famous 8051.

A lot of info is freely available on the net on subjects aforementioned. Many old phones qualify for the job. Siemens, Ericsson etc have an inbuilt modem so do recent Nokia phones. It is quite easy to understand the command set of these phones as they can be governed by ‘AT’ commands and can be operated on a modest 4800/9600 baud.

Well, I am not going to go deeper in explaining ‘AT’ controlled phones.

I intend to use the Nokia older phones like 5110/3210/3310 etc, for which Nokia has developed its own protocol which it calls MBUS and FBUS.

MBUS is the older and slower one which operates like half duplex and can be used @ 9600 bauds. This communication uses only one wire therefore; whatever is xmitted is received on the same line, so it’s a bit difficult here.

The other protocol is FBUS (currently FBUS2) which operates @ 115200 bauds and is full duplex. There are 3 wires Tx, Rx, Gnd as in RS232. We will be using this protocol.

Looking at the popularity, we will use the Nokia 3310 phone (likewise 5110, 6110, 3210 can be used, but will have to check the pinouts for those)

Please download the Excel sheet in Download section before starting tutorial.


Disclaimer: I do not take responsibility for the damage of you phone/microcontroller due to wrong connections or some typical commands.


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